How Tampa Celebrates Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is always the euphoric and happiest time of the year. Around the world, Thanksgiving is celebrated in one way or another. The basic idea behind the celebration of this day is the end of the harvesting season which signifies celebrating the fruits of life. Tampa’s Thanksgiving Day is also a fabulous time where people celebrate the festivities with their family and loved ones. You get to enjoy a lot of family activities and Thanksgiving weekend events during this time. Since Thanksgiving in Tampa is celebrated in community events & groups there are a lot of free Thanksgiving parties that you can catch up in town. So, don’t slouch on your sofa & binge-watch football all day, here I have collated a list of Thanksgiving Day events that you can attend on the basis of your preferences.

List of Fun Thanksgiving Events in Tampa

1. Day of Thanks 2022

This is a free community event where you get to enjoy free turkey and other thanksgiving delights in your own vehicle while sharing the Love of Jesus together. Due to the pandemic this year, Thanksgiving 2022 in Tampa will be conducted under minimal contact. All turkeys and groceries will be distributed through drive-up only & you are not permitted to walk in the area. 

2. Friendsgiving Networking Social 

Another FREE Thanksgiving party in Tampa to attend this year. It’s the best event for all women to catch up for chit-chats. You have to register for your ticket via The Drinks cost $3-$6 and snacks $5-$7 only. The first 50 women arriving here will get extra special goodies from the vendors. For extra info about advertising email Whereas, for more details visit:

3. Thanksgiving Break Camp

For the families with little kids in Tampa. If you are searching for an amusing event for your kids under the age of 5 to 12 years, this Thanksgiving event in Tampa is the perfect spot to explore.

4. Tuesday Karaoke Night

Buddies who are fans of singing or those who like to hang out at karaoke evenings this is the Thanksgiving night in Tampa that they must not miss. You can bring your friends here and have a Rocking evening or Night!

5. Thanksgiving Cruise Tampa

It’s one of the famous styles of celebrating Thanksgiving in Tampa. Thanksgiving cruises from Tampa are one of the best events to look forward to(especially if you don’t get motion sickness!). Here you can enjoy your Thanksgiving night on a beautiful cruise with specially prepared food by the head chef and later hold a glass of champagne while sinking into the views of Tampa or Clearwater from the Yacht’s roof.  

6. Cranksgiving Tampa

The adventure seekers of Tampa can enjoy this event of Thanksgiving in the city where a bicycle race is conducted in which you go for a food hunt where you are given a list of items to collect in the morning from various houses in Tampa, fl. Whoever finishes first is rewarded with big prizes. Rest you chill out with beer and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in Tampa with your buddies. 

7. Synapse Converge: GEW Edition

For those who want to attend a webinar or something that adds up to their business knowledge then Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Edition brings a great opportunity in Tampa during the times of Thanksgiving to meet & inspire yourself through leading entrepreneurs, educators, ESOs, and community leaders visiting this event in 2022. The event is designed to empower and inspire entrepreneurs in Tampa. Attendance is free of cost.

8. Tampa Job Fair 

Another career-oriented event where you can find entry-level as well as experienced management jobs in Tampa.,The Job Fair will have a lot of leading companies offering well-payed jobs, so don’t miss out on this. Who knows with a happy Thanksgiving event in Tampa you can earn a good job for your happy future. To register, for the event click here. 

9. Tampa Bay Holiday Market

This is a 2-day event that offers various grocery items at very low costs. Hence, for the festivities, you can shop from this market without ruining your budget. Masks are necessary at this event to follow the pandemic guidelines and safety. You can receive a lot of free goodies and treats since it is a Thanksgiving celebration in Tampa.

10. Yoga on the Lawn 

It is a free public health event organized during the times of Thanksgiving Day in Tampa. We all know how much we eat during this time of the year. Worry not you can shed your extra pounds and follow your healthy routine through the professionally instructed yoga guides provided by Kodawari Studios in this event. It is happening outdoors at the Front Lawn with a first-come, first-serve policy for space. Please remember to take your yoga mat, towel, and water bottle with you. Rest you can check over 

Hope you guys enjoyed the list of events suggested here on the occasion of Thanksgiving 2022 in Tampa. So, no more lonely Thanksgiving dinner in Tampa, fl this year. No worries, if you are stuck in Tampa and can’t go home due to the pandemic. Here you can celebrate the festival with pure content and good food having the company of the generous Tampa community on your side. If there are more Tampa’s Thanksgiving events that people can join in, please suggest them in the comments below. Till then enjoy your turkey!

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