Top Reviewed Breakfast Places in Tampa, Florida

Waffles are an indigenous part of an American breakfast but most people avoid these due to extra sugar. Yet, if you are craving these spongy delights or want to have a good breakfast in Tampa then worry not! Just follow up on the given below list of 10 best waffle houses in Tampa and you won’t regret your mornings ever in this city. There are, lot of breakfast spots to dine in but the famous waffle houses of Tampa, Florida are hard to ignore due to their excellent service and delicious food options. So, let’s bite in(I mean dive in!).

List of Waffle Houses in Tampa

1. Waffle House ( Westshore Blvd, Tampa)

After the pandemic, you might wish for a clean location hence this waffle house at Westshore Blvd, Tampa is a perfect spot for a morning breakfast or brunch in the city. The service is a spectacular hit and the food is super tasty. It is also a great place to eat late at night. Now, you will find plastic dividers between the booths to promote social distancing. They also provide takeaway and delivery services. Overall, it’s the best place to spend your sunny mornings in Tampa. 

Time: Opens 24 hours

Address: 509 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609, United States

2. Waffle House (Fowler Ave, Tampa)

Renowned for having the friendliest staff and being the perfect spot late-night breakfast joint after a night of booze in Tampa. The Waffle House of Fowler Ave, Tampa, fl is the best place to hang out with your friends at any time. Their service is always quick. Try out the peanut butter waffle here, it’s super scrumptious. Burger King outlet is also situated just on the opposite side of the roadway(in any case, if you are craving a Burger King burger for your breakfast). Right now, limited seating is available at the joint due to Covid. But Takeaway and delivery options are always open.

Time: Opens for 24 hours

Address: 922 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States

3. Waffle House (Columbus Dr, Tampa)

Unlike other breakfast outlets Waffle house, Columbus, in Tampa IS a great family breakfast joint. Their food is delicious and also the service is too quick. Apart from being noisy and slow with takeaway orders, it’s a good place to eat. Apparently, locals love this place due to its good service and delicious food.

Time: Opens 24 hours

Address:3009 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33607, United States

4. Waffle House ( Hillsborough Ave, Tampa)

If you want to have your breakfast in a quiet and surreal surrounding then there is no better Waffle house in Tampa than this! The employees are very polite and quick with their service. The fast delivery of food and politeness of staff makes the customers avoid even slight errors in food. At the end of the day, you depart with a happy tummy and a big smile from this outlet. Delivery and take away orders as available.

Time: Opens 24 hours

Address: 4459 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, United States

5. Waffle House ( US- 301, Tampa)

Waffles are everyone’s fav, but what everyone hates is receiving their breakfast late. You might have to wait a little longer due to long queues in line at this Waffle House 301 in Tampa, fl but the phenomenal taste worths the wait. Whereas the service is appropriate. Sometimes if you go during the free hours you might get a special visit from the cook as well. Dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services- all are available.

Time: Opens 24 hours

Address: 6502 N, US-301, Tampa, FL 33610, United States

6. Waffle House ( Wilsky Blvd, Tampa)

It’s a busy place during Sunday morning but the extra helpful staff manages to get you a seat eventually. The waffle house menu of this outlet is a little limited but the food is wholeheartedly delicious and filling. They also have a jukebox for creating a fun & wonderful atmosphere. The prices are very reasonable here without compromising with the quality of the food.

Time: Opens 24 hours

Address:  8310 Wilsky Blvd, Tampa, FL 33615, United States

7. IHOP ( Bearss Ave, Tampa)

If you seek much more than a waffle then surely visit this breakfast place in Tampa. The excellent staff service and active surroundings can fill up your lethargic mornings with positive energy locked inside appetizing food here. It’s very clean and the pancakes and waffles with morning beverages are a must-try. They are offering gift cards during COVID so don’t miss out on such discounts on your breakfast as well. Delivery and takeouts are eligible at this Cafe.

Time: 7am-10pm(Sun-Mon)

Address: 408 E Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, United States

8. Flor Fina ( 7th Ave, Tampa)

For an amazing Tampa Ybor experience under an aromatic environment, Flor Fina is the best place to dine-in. It’s a brand new place hence the prices of this breakfast joint are very reasonable. You might also see a lot of visitors coming from the nearby Hotel Haya to have their delicious start of the day. I recommend avoiding visiting on the weekends as it handles numerous visitors. Whereas, the weekdays are calm and peaceful. Overall, it is the best waffle house in Tampa that has much more than waffles to offer.

Time: 11am-12am(Sun-Mon)

Address: 1412 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, United States

9. Awful Waffle (W Cass St, Tampa)

It is one of the unique and popular waffle houses in Tampa, fl.  It defies its name every day as you will get the best breakfast experience in Tampa at this place. For starters, have you seen LGBTQ-friendly written option at any cafe or breakfast place? Well, Awful waffle is the one, standing out with its unique choices. Right now hurry up at this place with Halloween Costume and you will get a free treat. How does that sound? Pretty amazing right! It’s valid from 31 Oct-Nov 1, 2020(so run, run!). The staff is super friendly and pretty cool waffles are served at this place. Try the bubble waffle, it will blow your mind.

Time: 1pm-1am(Sun-Mon)

Address: 1500 W Cass St, Tampa, FL 33606, United States

10. Shellys Cafe ( Florida Ave, Tampa)

For a nice breakfast or brunch with steaming hot coffee, Shellys Cafe is a fabulous place to visit in Tampa. The restaurant is very clean with attentive and nice staff. Whereas, the Dine-in and Takeaway options are given excluding the delivery services.     

Time: 7:30am-2pm(Weekends)


Tuesday Off

Address: 14837 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, United States

Hope you enjoyed the given list of scrumptious 10 best waffles houses in Tampa. There are many more places to dine and enjoy delicious food in Tampa but the best breakfasts especially the sugary, spongy waffles can be rendered at the above-suggested waffle houses of Tampa, fl only(At least I think so!). What do you say about these breakfast places in Tampa? Comment below and don’t forget to share. Till then wicked up and enjoy!


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