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Turning up into a teen and ending your middle school comes with a lot of serious decisions to take that somehow shape your upcoming future. Especially which High School will get your academics right or renders good placements etc.? Even the guardians in Austin have a constant issue of managing their working hours that can match with their teenage kid’s school routine so that they get to spend some time with them while dropping them at the best High schools of Austin. Queries like these are never-ending hence to ease your troubles here I have collated a brief list of top 10 High schools in Austin, Texas that not only monitors your grades but also provides good guidance for the preparation of future placements.  Without any further bluff let’s get right into the list.

Best High Schools in Austin tx

1. Lake Travis High School

Lake Travis High School is one of the top public high schools in Austin which ensures advanced placement opportunities and challenging coursework and examinations that always keep the teen updated in their skills. Due to such meticulous teaching, the participation rate during placements at Lake Travis High School is around 62%. Lake Travis handles approximately 1800 students every year.

Address: 3324 Ranch Rd 620 S, Austin, TX 78738, United States
Phone: +15125336100

2. Westwood High School

Westwood High School is another famous public High school in Austin, TX, which is basically a four-year secondary school situated in the Anderson Mill neighborhood. Westwood High School holds up to 2000 students per year. The school is part of the Round Rock Independent School District. The curriculum of the school is profusely complex but through the help of polite teachers, it holds a solid grasp of academics & time management transcending essential knowledge, making their students more analytical & intelligent.

Address: 12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin, TX 78750, United State
Phone: +1 512-464-4000

3. Austin High School

Austin High School or technically titled Stephen F. Austin High School is the best public high school in Austin, Texas,  which is part of the Austin Independent School District that enables the school to receive a lot of funding from the suburban school districts every year enhancing all of their facilities and teaching staff to such extent that it almost looks like a private one. Austin High School has the capacity of holding up to 2000 students per year. The teachers are also loyal & responsive which aids the students to always pace up throughout their studies.

Address: 1715 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78703, United States
Phone: +1 512-414-2505

4. McNeil High School

McNeil High School is a public secondary school in Austin, Texas, United States. They are serving freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors for a very long time and rank always in the best classic old schools of the city that possess experienced teachers and great donations. Usually, they handle almost 2500 students per year but it keeps varying according to the school’s management.

Address: 5720 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78729, United States
Phone: +1 512-464-6300

5. Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)

LASA or Liberal Arts and Science Academy is one of the best high schools in Austin that ranks among the highest academic schools in the city. They have a very good management curriculum and location which serves all the guardians perfect access to the premises and students also enjoy the neighboring food joints as well as quiet ambiance. The classrooms are also very hygienic and healthy. It handles around 1200 students every year.

Address: 7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin, TX 78724, United States
Phone: +1 512-414-5272

6. Juan Navarro High School

Juan Navarro High School holds strong roots in the city and is named in the honor of famous Southern poet Sidney Lanier. The school was originally established in 1961 as the sixth high school in Austin. Surely the pure heritage keeps the school a little classic still the condition of architecture and teacher’s politeness is the best part about this learning institution.

Address: 1201 Payton Gin Rd, Austin, TX 78758, United States
Phone: +1 512-414-2514

7. Anderson High School

L.C. Anderson High School is a good public high school in Austin that serves its purpose if you are looking for a school in your neighborhood. On being part of Austin Independent School District it is not short in the financial aspects therefore Anderson can be a good choice for local High schooling. In fact, they handle almost 2000 students every year which is a great start for any public high school.

Address: 8403 Mesa Dr, Austin, TX 78759, United States
Phone: +1 512-414-2538

8. McCallum High School

This is a renowned public high school in Austin, Texas, which is also the second oldest high school in Austin. Apart from good academic records, they instigate profound attention over their student’s improvement hence it is a great school if your teen isn’t disciplined enough to focus on their own.
Address: 5600 Sunshine Dr, Austin, TX 78756, United States
Phone: +1 512-414-2519

9. Premier High School – Austin South

Premier High School is one of the unique school which provides its students with a dual credit opportunity. The discipline is amazing as well as the teachers are also polite and caring to help out the students with their problems. Even after dropping out, you can get hold of your grades at this high school of Austin through the help of its amazing faculty and supportive school management.

Address: 1701 W Ben White Blvd Ste. 100A, Austin, TX 78704, United States
Phone: +1 512-444-8442

10. Westlake High School

This is a popular public high school in Austin that lies at the unincorporated territory of Travis County. The peer group is great here and the teachers are praised by the students a lot for their interactive teaching skills. The building of this school might seem old but it’s perfect in condition & looked upon regularly by the school management.

Address: 4100 Westbank Dr, Austin, TX 78746, United States
Phone: +1 512-732-9280

Hope you get the ideas for choosing a better academic year for your studies through this brief list of the 10 Best high schools in Austin. For any other queries please feel free to comment below. I would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback regarding the famous High schools of Austin, tx.

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