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Bat Fest 2021 is an amazing festival that was celebrated every year on account of the Mexican free-tailed bats migrating back to their homes from Austin. But due to the pandemic last year, it got canceled abruptly. Still, don’t worry guys this famous Austin Event is back again. Bat Fest Austin is now re-scheduled for August 28th, 2021 this year. Whereas whoever booked already for Bat Fest 2020, Good for you! You can just reclaim the tickets from the existing website. In fact, you can also get your refund back, if you don’t feel like going. Despite all, it’s more amazing this year so don’t miss it. For those who have no clue what this, Bat Fest is all about? Or whoever wants to attend some cool event in Austin that supports some good cause, Let’s dive in! You’ll know every little detail about Bat Fest 2021 & you’ll also get all the essential links to book your tickets to Bat Fest 2021 event as well.

What is Bat Fest?

Bat Fest is an annual event in Austin that is organized every year in the fall of the American season. Bat Fest, as the name suggests in organized to tribute all the Mexican free-tailed bats who travel a long distance from Southern Mexico and reside under the Congress Bridge in Austin until fall(Autumn). As the fall arrives in Austin they migrate back to their original home of Southern Mexico which is an epic, surreal moment to watch during the dusk. Most of the bats are pregnant when they arrive, hence during their departure, they return back with their young ones who take off the first flight of their life.

Why Bat Fest is Celebrated?

These Bats, play a crucial role in the ecological balance of Austin, Texas. Bats consume a large chunk of pests(including the Malarial Mosquitoes) as a source of food, which leads to less pest-driven diseases during the springs and summer breaks of Austin. So, if you or your kids sleep a bug-free night in summers then surely you must be Thankful to these Bats! Isn’t that a great cause to celebrate? Whereas, the bridge becomes a super scenic zone when around 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under the bridge at dusk.
The Bat Fest in Austin isn’t only the scenic beauty instead, on this occasion a lot of bands are called out to play their gold or platinum awarded music live in front of the public. Along with that, there are numerous fun activities organized by the event producers of Bat Fest Event- Roadway Productions.

Due to the Pandemic, last year the event got canceled abruptly. But, it’s rescheduled to 28th August 2021 and the bookings are open guys!

What else at Bat Fest 2021 Austin?

Apart from watching the live, scenic departure of bats during the evening at Austin’s Bat Fest 2021 y’all will get 2 stages with live music played by renowned bands & rappers, scrumptious food and drinks, more than 50 arts & crafts vendors selling their art, fun children activities, a bat costume contest(winners get $100), and other playful bat activities. Whereas, stop hating bats for Corona, first, these are not Chinese Bats and second, Bats never asked to be eaten! So get over it and enjoy!

Important Details: Bat Fest 2021 Event in Austin, Texas

Date: August 28, 2021.
Venue: Congress Ave Bridge
Address: 100 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX, USA 78704
Hours: 4 p.m. to Midnight

Tickets for Bat Fest 2021

As already stated, whoever purchased Bat fest 2020 event tickets through their original ticketing page can either redeem their ticket to next year’s festival or request a refund from the same interface. All Bands have agreed to reschedule to 2021 so, don’t worry you’ll watch your favourite bands live without any rearrangements.
Book here

There are two kinds of ticketing options at Bat Fest 2021.
(Kid 8 years & below with adult will get free access)

 GA or General Access Tickets: Costing $15(for early birds), $20 at the gate
This ticket gives you only access to the festival rest purchases will depend, all on your personal expenditure.

VIP Tickets: Costing $150(early birds), $200(Regular price)

Through this ticket,
You’ll get a front-row standing area ticket to the main stage in the Austin American Statesman parking lot, or at the front-row area of the North Bridge stage.
You’ll receive access to the private restrooms, a covered backstage area with seating-n-tables near the main stage of the live performances of the bands.
Free Voucher to be used at the official event merchandise booth to buy any Bat Fest 2021 t-shirt available.
Best of all, a reserved VIP parking area in the nearby TXDOT lot.
In food and beverages, VIP tickets will get access to the private cash bar serving only mixed drinks including 2 complimentary drink tickets(Note: adult beverages can be purchased only after the drink tickets have been used) at this Bat Fest 2021 event in Austin, tx.
You’ll also get 1 free food voucher for the backstage catering area where the food is administered by Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ is served with free water and soda.

The legal age of consuming alcohol(including beer, wine, or other liquors) in Texas is 21 years or above.
Bats are wild animals but the flight is usually expected to begin between 7:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m at the congress bridge.

Nearby Hotel Suggestions:

The Line Hotel: This is the closest hotel to Bat Fest 2021 in Austin. Whereas this hotel gets the best view of the bat’s flight during the dusk.

Address: Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701, United States of America(USA)

Hampton Inn: Another good hotel that is within the walking distance of the festival. Also, have a friendly staff and a good breakfast menu.

Address: 200 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Hope y’all got all the insights about Bat Fest 2021 Austin and would love to join this amazing event with your loved ones. If there are any more queries about the event or any other event in Austin just ping us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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