6 Must-Try Things To Do in Tampa this Weekend | Weekday Guide for Touring in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a beautiful Gulf coast city in Florida. Apart from being a classic cultural hub, it is one of the major business centers of Tampa. Yet exploring the entire city in a week is not an easy deal. Therefore, How about an easy list of 6 things to do in Tampa for weekends where you have one extra off for your favorite errands to run as well. Surely, there are endless things to do in Tampa but a brief guide that can offer you more in less is a rare aid. I longed for this easy weekday guide to explore Tampa on weekends that could save my money and time from the long boring tours of the city. Honestly, it works like wonders! So no more bluffs and I have also added some essential ‘Not to do’ tips which can save you from immense embarrassment and agony while traveling in Tampa.


6 Things to Do in Tampa for  Week Tour


1. Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens is an African theme park designed with all kinds of wonders & your kids will love this spot as a weekend day out. Meanwhile, the adults can score some quality time with their loved ones without worrying about their daily office work! It is the best thing to do in Tampa for a family’s day out. Despite the current conditions of the pandemic, they’ve still managed to keep the place running & alive this year. You’ve got roller coasters, all kinds of wild animals (to whom you can even feed, sometimes under security measures), incredibly hot boy-bands playing cool music & one unique moving statue at the fountain. Don’t be freaked! It’s a guy dressed as a statue with water pipes attached to the wrists! Apparently, clever work of a human, not a white witch from Narnia!


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2. Stay at Marriott Water Street


Marriott Water Street is the most renowned hotel in Tampa, fl which acquires some of the major attractions of the city. You can visit the Florida aquarium with your curious kids, enjoy your romantic evenings beside the River Walk with your partner, or have some sporty cheer at the Amalie Arena while staying at Marriott. Amalie Arena is known to have renowned ice hockey matches, football, & other popular events in Tampa. This is one of the perfect things to do in Tampa for weekends in 2021. In fact, the hotel not only offers a first-class relaxing experience to its visitors, but they also provide special membership options where you can get free tickets to various matches at the Amalie Arena. There are many more perks regarding your stay at Marriott, just book yours & discover more!


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3. Sports in Tampa


Sports is like another breath of the entire Tampa. You’ll barely find anyone in the area who doesn’t enjoy one single sport. Ranging from Ice hockey, football, baseball, etc. there are endless sports clubs in the city to take your rage out during sports matches while enjoying the best quality craft beer of Tampa. For all the visitors out there, if you seem to be a fan of sports then Tampa is your place. This city will surely understand why it is so heartbreaking to miss a single fowl! And you can already redeem your bonus points from Marriott Water Street to buy tickets to some famous matches. There are various clubs & hall rooms to enjoy sporty nights as these are the top things to do on your weekends in Tampa.


4. Ybor City


For starters, never pronounce- ‘Ybor’ as ‘Why-Bor’; it’s actually ‘E-Bor’. ‘E-bor Streets’ are well-known for their ancient Cuban history that rose from the immigrants of Cuba, who were forcefully brought during colonialism. But, now the ugly history has yielded something very precious & extraordinary to the city. The iconic Cigars, beers, & Cuban sandwich can never be found anywhere in the world except Tampa. Surely, this is the must-try thing to do in Tampa for weekends. Just a safety suggestion, don’t get carried away into other recreational stuff at Ybor y’ know!


5. Urban Kai Paddle Boarding


Urban Kai Paddle Boarding is exactly like experiencing Rihanna’s song- ‘Walk on water! It is one of the best water sports in Tampa that you should not miss. Hillsborough River is the best-suited for paddleboarding. Along with other fun things to do in Tampa you can enjoy a refreshing retreat through this water tour. In fact if lucky you can meet up the sweet dolphins & manatees on your way.


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6. Enjoy Local Breweries


Local breweries selling classic craft beers are always a booming scene in Tampa.  But, you must be wondering what is craft beer? Such beers are produced by relatively small, independently owned commercial breweries employing traditional brewing methods to create a refined quality beer with various flavors. In fact, in the city center of Tampa, you can easily findn16 breweries alone. Try taking your first trial at the Copper Tail brewery. It’s super famous for ‘Free dive unholy’ flavored beer. The flavor chart of this place consistently changes so keep track of your favorites before visiting. It is surely one of the famous things to do on weekends in Tampa. After all, who’d not enjoy 20 breweries just on tap? Whereas they also offer a super hygienic & amazing tour of the entire production. 


Some ‘Don’ts’ to  Follow in Tampa


  1. Don’t expect ease of public transportation in Tampa. It’s a traffic-prone city hence it’s better you try to arrange your own vehicle even for rental purposes.


  1. Don’t expect the turn signals from your fellow drivers on roads in Tampa. Just always pay attention to the road.


  1. Don’t rely only on one route since the traffic always crashes your plan hence keep a constant check on the alternative routes.


  1. Don’t overspend for roaming over an exhibition tour or any professional guide just try streetcar transportation in Tampa, it is the best tramp ride for touring.


  1. Don’t forget to pay attention to the beach flags or signs. Those are security checks to keep you safe from the dynamic weather of the city.


  1. Don’t forget the bug spray, as bugs are the most annoying issue in Tampa if you are looking for camping or other outdoor activities.


  1. Don’t forget your sunblock. Doesn’t matter what season Tampa’s sun will get you anyhow!


  1. Don’t assume that all the beaches are in Tampa. Nearby cities of the USA also offer some great places to explore.



Hope you find this personal travel guide to spend your weekends in Tampa helpful. I would love to add more suggestions, if you want to comment please go ahead. Otherwise, I would say these 6 tips to do things in Tampa for weekends have helped me a lot to explore the city at its best. For sure there are many more exciting adventures intervening between these famous places to explore in Tampa. But this weekday guide in Tampa can be easily covered in just 6 days where you have one whole spare day to either shop or do whatever you feel like. 


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