10 Best Places To Go With Kids in Sacramento on Weekends

Kids are super cute until you keep them happy! As soon as their tantrum kicks in, Boy! It’s the Devil that has entered your house. To satiate the hunger of such Devils you need fun weekends. Don’t call me the angel here, but I have gathered up a list of 10 Fun places to go with Kids in Sacramento during weekends or whenever you realise it’s the high-time! After all, a peaceful evening spent with the entire family where everyone is carrying a big… big…smile is what a guardian dreams right? Let’s get right into our Mission Happy Kid then!

List of 10 Kid-friendly Places to Visit in Sacramento

1. SeaQuest Folsom

Does your kid throw up a lot of references from Aerial’s world? Or do they adore the sticky slimy creatures of the sea? Well, SeaQuest Folsom is the perfect place to visit with kids in Sacramento where they can learn about hundreds of incredible water species. There are more than 600 rescued animals & around 1,200 creatures that are open for meetups to amaze the kids! A variety of mammals, marine life, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects can entertain & teach your kids in the most engaging way possible. So don’t miss this golden opportunity on weekends. It takes a barely 30-minute drive from downtown Sacramento.

Address: 430 Palladio Pkwy, Folsom, USA

Phone: +1 916-673-9972

2. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

For all the action lovers out there, Urban Air Trampoline Park is the top place to visit in Sacramento with kids especially when they adore hopping over everything that sounds Boinggg! It possesses an indoor park with exciting activities that can be easily accessed even on rainy days. Popular landmarks like Ropes Course Spin Zone, Bumper Cars, Battle Beam and Sky Rider coaster are the best highlights of this park that you mustn’t miss. 

Address: 1700 Arden Way, Sacramento, USA

Phone: +1 916-930-6822

3. Funderland Amusement Park

Best Places To Go With Kids in Sacramento

Amusement Park is an easy alternative to Disneyland when you need to handle the excessive tantrums of your Kids on weekends! Trust me your kid will adore this incredible Park. It is situated inside William Land Park. They offer 9 diverse child-sized rides, with appreciating concessions, and mind-blowing arrangements for birthday parties. Another astonishing perk of this fun place to visit with kids in Sacramento is NO admission fee on entry! Yeah, it is entirely free, but each ride requires a paid ticket of course! Funderland lives up to its name, by providing some of the fun & exciting rides all in one place. 

Address: 1350 17th Ave, Sacramento, CA, USA

Phone: +1 916-456-0131

4. Fairytale Town

Has your child been obsessing over the fairytale prince & princess? Well, you found the perfect match! FairyTale town brings those fantasies to life. Fairytale Town is settled inside William Land Park & boasts various children events throughout the year. Ranging from interesting theatrical performances to interact with animals at Farmer Brown’s Barn, your kids will get all the royal fun at this incredible place. They can also enhance their gardening skills via exploring Mr McGregor’s Garden, the Alphabet Garden, and an authentic Japanese garden all settled inside this famous place in Sacramento to visit with kids. 

Address: 3901 Land Park Dr, Sacramento, USA

Phone: +1 916-808-5233

5. The Boulder Field

Boulder Field is the best remedy for all those kids who seem to have a hard time sitting still! It is a rock-climbing gym that provides around 10,000 sq ft of bouldering space and climbing areas for the whole family to enjoy. You can even get the chance to meet devoted climbers from various other countries. The best perk, it is just a 15-minute drive away from downtown Sacramento. Surely, one of the accessible places to go with kids in Sacramento after all. 

Address: 8425 Belvedere Ave #100, Sacramento, USA

Phone: +1 916-329-8994

6. Sacramento Children’s Museum

Places to go with kids in Sacramento

For all the nerdy kids who face a hard time moving out of their rooms & bookshelves, Sacramento Children’s Museum is the best catch to tempt such kids! Rancho Cordova is a fabulous place to go with kids on weekends in Sacramento that open children’s minds and helps them in intellectual growth. With days like Science Sundays, Theater Play, and Tinker Time your kid will be no more buried under piles of books & chips! whereas the Yoga Play constituting story sections and games to practise proper posture will keep them in better shape too. 

Address: 2701 Prospect Park Dr, Rancho Cordova, USA

Phone: +1 916-730-5079

7. Monster Mini Golf

How can a game like a golf intimidate kids? But If I tell you each pothole is guarded by a comical monster. Isn’t it amazing already? Within 1 mile of the peaceful Lake Natoma, you can have the time of your lifetime. There are numerous entertaining attractions at this incredible place to visit with kids at Sacramento on weekends, that you might get hooked to this place as an adult too. Some monsters even attack the golf course and interact with players while music plays on the highest volumes. 

Address: 12401 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, USA

Phone: +1 916-294-0000

8. Sacramento Zoo

Places to go with kids in Sacramento

This zoo was founded in 1927, inside William Land Park. Now it is home to around 500 animals & over 120 species. Many of such animals are either rare or endangered. Some of their featuring animal superstars include armadillos, hedgehogs, owls, parrots, alligators, and snakes. It is a must-visit place to go with kids in Sacramento on holidays. 

Address: 3930 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA, USA

Phone: +1 916-808-5888

9. Powerhouse Science Center

This is Sacramento’s only public planetarium that offers diverse grades of centres. Adjacent to Del Paso Regional Park, like its name, this place encourages kids to understand the world of science and technology via exciting & live examples. Kids interested in studying the Earth can participate in various experiments regarding the subjects of physical and biological sciences. 

Address: 3615 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, USA

Phone: +1 916-674-5000

10. William Land Regional Park

places to go with kids in Sacramento, Sacramento for Kids

If you like to enjoy nice, soothing picnics with your family then William Land Regional Park will be a perfect place to visit with your kids in Sacramento. Families looking to host cookouts on weekends can have a designated set up at this beautiful place without any hustle. There is an amphitheatre that annually performs Shakespeare plays & many more exciting pieces. 


Address: 3800 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, USA

Phone: +1 916-808-6060

Hope you liked the Above-mentioned places to visit with kids in Sacramento. These are the fun-loving & exciting hubs of adventure that are mainly designed to suffice your kid’s unending demands! Whether it’s about watching a mermaid swimming in the large aquariums or Disney Princess giving them tight hugs, you can get all these amazing places to go with kids in Sacramento on your free weekends.

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