Driving Food Tour in San Antonio(Masks ON!) | 10 Best Foods to Try in San Antonio This Year

San Antonio is an amazing food junction to try the best bites in America. Yet, during the pandemic, there are a lot of restrictions in public places. Hence, why not try the Driveway food in San Antonio? You can easily make a safe distance while enjoying your warm & fresh food served right away. Ping me up in the comment sections below, if you’ve got more suggestions for the famous foods to try in San Antonio during a driving tour. Rest enjoy this delightful range of meals that can make your dinner, lunches, or romantic dates a complete star of the day!

List of 10 Driveaway Food to Enjoy in San Antonio

1. Tacos

How can you miss Tacos while going over an American food stroll? Pretty ironic right!

Well, guess what’s more ironic? You get the best tacos of San Antonio at The original Donuts Shop. Yeah, not kidding, this place is the best hub to enjoy a diverse range of freshly made tacos in San Antonio. Their taco wraps are super smooth & fillings are just heaven! Try out the beef filling ones, it’s scrumptious.

2. Barbaoca Meat

Barbacoa is basically a slow-cooked meat in the underground infused with a lot of wooden smoke & various delicious spices. The resulting meat is super creamy & mouth-watering! You can segregate that meat even with a plastic spoon, “that’s” how tender & fibrous their meats are! Usually, Barbaoya’s meat comprises Cow’s head & cheek portions. Match it with the classic big red soda & bunch of hot Tortias, Bamm! You are really to roll! Barbacoa Tamalays is the most popular place to grab this delicious food of Antonio.

3. Tostada Bean Burger 

Mexican food is weirdly the heart of American driveway food culture. Out of all, Tostada Bean Burger proves to be a favorite, especially amongst the veg eaters out there! It comprises refried beans, chips, onions & melted cheddar cheese. All of this topped with a special salsa sauce is the best street food in San Antonio you mustn’t miss. It’s the perfect combination of Mexican food and American trends! Try this at Chris Madrid’s, you’ll adore it.

4. Tonkotsu Ramen

After a bunch of fried chicken dishes in San Antonio, you are probably looking for a healthy food option. Well, lemme enlighten you with an amazing Asian dish-Tonkotsu Ramen. It is ramen that is served in a pork bone broth along with soft-boiled egg, nori, marinated shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, and freshly sprouted beans. All sounds fresh & healthy, right?  It is definitely not your midnight Ramen snack for sure. It is much more delicious when you try it at Kimura.

5. Fideo Loco

Loco is usually Vermicelli soup noodles, that are simmered in the broth but in Fideo Loco you get to enjoy an added beans stock mixed with various other meat pieces that are cooked nicely. On a sick day of your drive-through, it is a pretty nice warm comforting soup that you can totally rely on! You can try this amazingly healthy food in San Antonio at Peetz Taco house Restaurant.

6. Chips and Guacamole 

Who’d pay at a restaurant to eat chips seriously! Well, Yes if it is paired smoothly with delicious Guacamole. Boudro’s Texas Bistro’s guac is the King! You must try in San Antonio. How can your luxurious bucket list leave Guac after all? at Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk you’ll get the best food to enjoy in San Antonio with picturesque views for sure!

7. Barbecued Shrimp

Another Non-Veg food from San Antonio coming right away! The Cookhouse is a popular hotspot for trying cajun dishes. And what can be more authentic than the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp? It is basically sautéed shrimp in Worcestershire-spiked butter sauce. As simple it may sound but the flavors are just unimaginable. All I can say is- The Cookhouse totally knows how to get along with shrimps & superstar sauce. So do try this while you are driving or not!

8. Short Rib Pastrami 

Back to the smoky meats my friends, cause WITHOUT any doubt, American food has the best collection of red meat dishes you can ever try!. Surely, not so much popular among hip & cool travelers but Short Rib Pastrami possesses a unique smokey aroma of coriander and black pepper that is gently rubbed on the brisket during the prep. All of this provides the rib a unique aroma & flavor that is hard to ignore. So, stop by at The Granary ‘Cue and Brew to try this immensely tasty food of San Antonio.

9. Eggplant Josephine

Well, how can you miss the most popular food in San Antonio served at a Mediterranean restaurant Bella on the River? Eggplant Josephine consists of fried eggplant, Texas Gulf Shrimp, sauce diablo, mozzarella cheese, and hollandaise sauce. Whereas, if you wanna take someone on a date during a drive-away food stroll this is the top romantic dinner spot in San Antonio you can count on! It will definitely impress anyone! 

10. Raspa 

Raspa is short for Hielo Raspado meaning scraped ice. It is a delicious Spanish dessert that you’ll enjoy a lot if you are also a fan of tangy & sour chilly drinks. Big Daddy’s treat is a renowned place to enjoy Big Devil Mangodilly- a famous dessert of San Antonio very popular amongst travelers. It comprises cucumbers, gummy bears, pickled fruits & whatnot! You can expect the most insane yet satisfyingly odd combinations of flavor at this food hub. From the very first bite, you’ll hit your palette with tonnes of striking flavors ranging from sweet, tangy, sour, etc.

Hope you liked my suggestions, for this amazing food in San Antonio. Surely, you can get all the food safety at your doorsteps or during a drive-away tour. Since we all are dealing with this pandemic worldwide, a Driveway food tour in San Antonio is the best way to catch up on some of the scrumptious bites of this city. Tell me in the comment sections below what you think about this list of foods to try in San Antonio. Adios Amigos!

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