12 Foods to Try at Taste Buds of India in Miami, USA

Taste Buds Of India is a renowned Indian restaurant in Coral Gables Miami, Florida. You can find all kinds of Indian foods at this restaurant. Taste Buds Of India has three branches in the city. It is a buffet restaurant that serves incredible food and an affordable price!. Fun fact you can also try Indian beer in this city. So here is the list of the 12 most delicious Indian foods you can find to satisfy your everlasting hunger in Miami.

List of 12 Incredible Foods at Taste Buds of India

1. Samosas

Indian food snack meal is incomplete without samosas. It is a crispy snack made from refined flour with spicy potato stuffing inside it. It is a triangle-shaped popper that is deep-fried to achieve a crisp and delicious snack. It is often served with chutney that can be sweet or green chilli chutney. You must try this popular Indian snack at Taste Buds of India

2. Chickpeas Curry

Well, you must be thinking about what is so special about it! It is commonly called ‘Chola’ in India. It is a spicy delicious chickpea curry made with onion, garlic and other Indian spices. It is an amazing curry to try with Bhature, an Indian soft bread served steaming hot right on your plate. Chole can also be served as roasted or with gravy. 

3. Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni is a dish made from pulses. Several types of pulses are mixed including beans and cooked with onion and spices. It is famous in the Punjab state of India and best served with butter. 

4. Tawa vegetables

It is a simple dish of mixed vegetables which includes potatoes, eggplant, beans etc. Some spices and a little oil is mixed with red chilli, turmeric, black pepper and salt. It is then cooked slowly and served hot. It is a diet food but tasty too!

5. Tandoori chicken

Chicken legs are mixed with spices and marinated for almost 2 hours then it is roasted so that it becomes golden brown in colour. When it is finally cooked then burnt charcoal is put in a bowl and placed in the pot with chicken, now oil or ghee is poured into the bowl containing coal and the pot is sealed either with foil or lid for 10 minutes. Now you can enjoy luscious tandoori chicken with earthy taste and smell. 

6. Tandoori fish


The cooking technique is similar to chicken tandoori. Since fish is soft and tender, it is cooked at low heat and served hot with onion, chutney and lemon. 

7. Yoghurt and cheese kabab

These can be described as fritters of cheese and yoghurt which have a specific round and flat shape and are deep-fried in oil to achieve the crisp and spicy taste of kabab. 

8. Lamb Chaap


This dish is famous in colder regions of India since lambs are found there in abundance. Lamb Chaap are made from chest pieces with bones attached to it. After it is marinated, Chaap is roasted and served hot garnished with coriander leaves and onion. 

9. Malai Kofta 

Kofta is steamed meatballs cooked with spicy gravy and it contains a generous amount of cream in its gravy which gives it a creamy yet spicy flavour. It is eaten with naan roti which is chapati or you can say it is a sort of tortilla cooked in the oven and then dipped in butter. 

10. Goat Curry 

The meat of goat is cooked with gravy and contains spices, onion, garlic, ginger and chillies. It is spicy and is served with naan as well. 

11. Jalebis 

Indian food is incomplete without sweets. Jalebi is a famous sweet in India made from all-purpose flour or refined flour. Thin batter is made and then it is deep-fried and has an authentic spiral shape and then it is dipped in sugar syrup. It is served hot. It is often paired with curd and bread. If you want a real taste of Indian sweets then you must try jalebi. 

12. Mango lassi 

Lassi is made from curd. It is a dish famous in Punjab and can be found in every house of India. Water is mixed with curd and sugar and a smooth paste is made which is called lassi. Many flavours can be added. In this restaurant, you will find mango flavoured lassi. Isn’t it great! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of 12 Indian foods at Taste Buds of India in Miami. I would appreciate new suggestions for finding a good Indian meal restaurant in Miami if you guys know! Feel free to write in the comment sections below. For more engaging experiences hang on to this blog. Until then Namaste!

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