What to Eat in Kansas City? | 10 Foods in Kansas You Must Try Once 2021

Kansas is the ‘food God of American lands’. Honored with the titles of ‘The Sunflower State’, ‘Jayhawk State’ ‘the Midway State’, and the Wheat State, it is the largest provider of grains in the USA. Exploring the popular foods in Kansas City is more like honoring the food culture of all the food producers living here. Hence, soak yourself in the juicy meals of Kansas through the given below list of 10 incredible foods to try in Kansas. Don’t be triggered if I missed your favorite Kansas delight, You can simply ping me in the comment sections below. I would love to add more scrumptious foods options to this brief list of Kansas tasty foods!

Kansas Food List: You Mustn’t Miss!

1. Burnt Ends

Usually, burnt food is supposed to scare away its customers but Not in Kansas! Burnt ends are one of the top delicacies of Kansas that are incredibly famous for their ‘very nature ‘ of burnt corners. Such a specific name has been honored to this famous food of Kansas due to its unusually shaped, tougher, juicy-end pieces of barbecued brisket. It is served as an appetizer, placed into stews. During the barbecue, the smoky burnt ends grab the melted fat transcending an aroma that is hard to ignore. You can easily find burnt ends sandwiches or burnt-end baked beans and French fries on any street food joint in Kansas.

2. Kansas-Style Barbecue

No wonder Kansas city is also known by the title of “world capital of barbecue”! You can sense the passion for barbecue in Kansas people. Ranging from pork ribs, flavorful slices of hot or cold beef brisket, or a unique “big salad” infused with pulled pork, you can get all kinds of Barbecue in Kansas. If you are a passionate meat-lover who loves to try new dishes, Kansas is your babe! Next time, don’t forget to pull out at any gas station with a Billboard sign indicating Kansas-style Barbecue.

3. Sliders

Well, if you already landed in the territory of juicy meat nation, then it’s unimaginable to miss the sliders. Whereas, lemme remind you, sliders are not just small hamburgers, that you can gulp down your throat in one go! Sliders comprise small sections of appetizers where a ball of ground meat is married to a well-oiled griddle until it turns brown & crispy thin. On the other hand, the term ‘slider’ in the context of small burgers was first used by the White Castle restaurants throughout the United States of America. Kansas is a delicious meat city hence don’t miss these fabulous fast food in Kansas on your trip.

4. Z-man Burger

Z-Man Burger is like the tradition of Kansas that you must practice if you wish to dig deeper into the local gastronomic taste of the city. Generally, it is an American burger that originated in Kansas City comprising split Kaiser roll lined with sliced smoked brisket, smoked provolone cheese, onion rings, and barbecue sauce. Sounds delicious right? The listeners found the burger amazing & named it the Z-Man sandwich on the air! 

5. Cheeseburger Pie

You might presume it is a dessert, but Cheeseburger pie is a savory American pie that is one of the most popular foods to eat in Kansas. Apart from being the biggest producer of beef in the USA  Kansas is also known for this unique style of pie that is prepared from a combination of ground beef, onions, sour cream, milk, cheddar cheese, cornstarch, eggs, salt, pepper, and a base of pie crust. The meat and cheese are immaculately cooked to pour the resulting mixture then poured into pie shells.

6. Fried Chicken

How on Earth do you visit American land & miss their very beloved fried chicken? It would be a lame sin to miss this crispy wonder. You can easily find a lot of fried chicken restaurants in almost every town of Kansas, USA. Try from Brookville Hotel, it is immensely famous amongst the locals. Though it’s not a complex meal with tonnes of ingredients, yet a simple chicken wing, fried in a spicy batter seals the deal! It is super crispy & fabulous when served with creamy mayonnaise or chilled beer.

7. Sour Cream and Raisin Pie

It is one of the most generalized yet unimaginably tasty meals that you can find in any American home, possess with the tasty food of granny’s cooking. Despite their simple nature, sour cream & raisin pie is one of the top food to try in Kansas, for all dessert lovers. With a tangy much of cinnamon-infused sour cream mixed with sugar, cornstarch & other secret ingredients of anyone’s grandma’s recipe, you can find a lot of restaurants serving their own versions of this pie. No matter the style, it is a wholesome dessert of Kansas worth trying. 

8. Lefse

Lefse is the quality food of the city, that is supremely famous amongst the street food lovers of Kansas. It basically a paper-thin flatbread, that is prepared from potatoes and cooked on a griddle. It is usually eaten with slathered butter, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon. You’d love this food, especially when you are driving & want to enjoy a short munch to ease the hunger.

9. Bierocks

Bierocks is a swaddled thin layer of dough, usually the size of a hand that is rolled & filled with ground beef, cabbage, onion, spice, and brown mustard. These snacks are the best beef versions of German food you can find in Kansas. With their crispy covering outside & delicious stuffing inside, there’s nothing that can beat this combination. You can even eat these while driving or walking over the streets of the city. Handy & delicious, what more do you expect? Rock your food meals with Bierocks!

10. Grebel

Another German delight, Grebel are basically deep-fried dough scones, that seem somewhat like doughnuts. Yet, their small size & spongy texture makes them super tempting. These are one of the best fast food in Kansas, served with powdered sugar sprinkled that you can grab anytime you want.

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Hope you liked this list of finger-licking scrumptious foods of Kansas that you mustn’t miss. Major foods from the above-mentioned list can fit anyone’s budget. So, sustain your hunger & unleash it over the top food of Kansas that is drizzling with juicy barbecues & mouth-watering desserts. You can also mention your favorites in the comment sections below. Till then enjoy your meal! (which is hard after watching these crazy delicious foods of Kansas right!)

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