Senior Day FAQ, History, Facts- How to celebrate Senior Day 2022

National Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on 21 August every year, a national holiday to honor and show appreciation for the older adults and our seniors. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 78 million people aged 65 and older will reside in America by 2035.

Senior Day is dedicated to our seniors who give their precious time to serving our country, and our society which makes everyone’s life better. It is founded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, this holiday celebrates the 40.3 million senior citizens that live in the United States.

Today, seniors are still active and contributing their time to society, family, and country, and giving useful advice. senior citizens deserve our thanks! Our elders carry good knowledge, and the wisdom that we need to learn from them, so it is important to give respect to our seniors. Here you can find so many different ways to celebrate Senior Citizens Day.

Way to celebrate Senior Day

1. Spend time with elders and seniors

2. Host party, and lunch with seniors

3. Visit nearest local old age homes and nursing homes

4. Take a family trip

5. Gift to elder their favorite items

Senior Day FAQ

What day is National seniors day?

Ans: August 21, 2022

Who declared senior citizen day?

Ans: the United Nations General Assembly, On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons (resolution 45/106).

Is celebrated as World senior citizen day every year?

Ans: Yes, 21 August


Year  Date         Day

2022 August 21 Sunday

2023 August 21 Monday

2024 August 21 Wednesday

2025 August 21 Thursday

2026 August 21 Friday

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