Cigna Company Profile, Founder- What is the main business of Cigna?

Cigna Company Profile, Founder- What is the main business of Cigna

Cigna is a global health services company that provides integrated health plans and services such as medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance and related products and services, the majority of which are offered through employers and other groups (e.g., governmental and non-governmental organizations, unions and associations). Cigna is incorporated in Delaware.

Here’s a brief overview of Cigna’s company profile and founder:

Company Profile

  • Name: Cigna Corporation
  • Type: Publicly traded company
  • Founded: 1792
  • Headquarters: Bloomfield, Connecticut
  • CEO: David M. Cordani
  • Industry: Managed care, Insurance
  • Revenue: $180.52 billion (2022)
  • Net income: $6.67 billion (2022)
  • Employees: 70,231 (2022)
  • Customers: 18.3 million (2022)


Cigna’s roots can be traced back to 1792 when the Insurance Company of North America (INA) was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by a group of prominent citizens. INA was the first marine insurance company in the United States and it remains the nation’s oldest, stockholder-owned insurer.

Main Business

Cigna’s main business is providing health insurance and related services to individuals, families, and businesses. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Health insurance: Cigna offers a variety of health insurance plans, including traditional health insurance plans, as well as plans with high deductibles and health savings accounts (HSAs).
  • Dental insurance: Cigna offers a variety of dental insurance plans that cover a wide range of dental services. These plans can be purchased as stand-alone plans or as part of a comprehensive health insurance plan.
  • Disability insurance: Cigna offers disability insurance that can help you replace your income if you become disabled due to an illness or injury.
  • Life insurance: Cigna offers a variety of life insurance plans that can help protect your family’s financial future. These plans include term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance.
  • Accident insurance: Cigna offers accident insurance that can help you pay for medical expenses and lost wages if you are injured in an accident.

Cigna also offers a variety of wellness programs and initiatives aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing chronic diseases.

In addition to its traditional health insurance business, Cigna also has a growing presence in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry. The company’s Express Scripts subsidiary is one of the largest PBMs in the United States, and it provides prescription drug coverage to millions of people.

Cigna is a global company with operations in over 30 countries. The company is committed to providing high-quality healthcare solutions to its customers around the world.

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