Interesting Facts About Berkshire Hathaway Company

Interesting Facts About Berkshire Hathaway Company

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. It is one of the world’s largest and most successful companies, with a market capitalization of over $800 billion and a long history of outperforming the stock market. Here are some interesting facts about Berkshire Hathaway:

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  • Founded in 1888 as two separate textile firms, Hathaway Manufacturing Company and Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Company
  • Merged in 1955 to form Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
  • Warren Buffett acquired a controlling interest in 1965 and transformed the company into a diversified holding company
  • Berkshire Hathaway is known for its large and diverse portfolio of investments, including significant holdings in companies such as Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express, and Chevron.
  • The company has a long history of outperforming the stock market, with a book value that has grown at an average rate of 20% per year since Buffett took over in 1965.
  • Berkshire Hathaway is known for its unique corporate culture, which emphasizes long-term thinking, value investing, decentralized decision-making, and employee ownership.
  • Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Diversified portfolio of businesses across a wide range of industries, including insurance, railroads, energy, retail, and manufacturing

Market Capitalization and Financial Performance

  • Market capitalization of over $800 billion
  • Over 90 subsidiaries
  • Diversified portfolio of businesses
  • Known for its strong financial performance and long history of outperforming the stock market

Leadership and Governance

  • Warren Buffett
  • Chairman and CEO since 1965
  • Widely considered one of the most successful investors of all time
  • Known for his value investing philosophy and long-term investment approach

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