Food You Mustn’t Miss in Sacramento | What’s Delicious Cooking in Sacramento & Where?

Sacramento is a cool place in California to enjoy lots of Vietnamese cuisines. Surely, there is an endless range of items to savor in the city. But, finding the top delicious foods in Sacramento might take a lot of time due to numerous food joints. Whereas, some might claim to prepare authentic Vietnamese cuisine yet, don’t reach that mark. Hence, with my experience of trying the best authentic foods in Sacramento, I wish to share insider insights regarding the best cuisines you can enjoy in this fabulous city.

8 Must-Try Foods in Sacramento 


1. Jalapeno poppers 

Jalapeno Poppers are delicious fried poppers that are filled with cream cheese & crab. They are battered & deep fried. But the unique feature of Chason’s Crab Stadium Jalapeno poppers is their low oil texture, which doesn’t taste too oily even after being deep-fried. It is surely one of the best fast food in Sacramento you mustn’t miss. The teriyaki sauce drizzled on top with a garnish of fine herbs makes this dish more tempting. It looks damn scrumptious on a white plate at Chason’s free space dining. 

2. Banh Beo

Vietnamese Food in Sacramento is a huge deal when it comes to scrumptious meals! Banh Beo is one such popular Vietnamese sweet fried rice cake dish. It is topped with scallions, dried shrimps, fresh green onions & fish sauce(obviously!). Chilli sauce, fish sauce & typical Vietnamese sauce are the signatures of any Vietnamese restaurant. You can easily find them on every table like added salt & pepper boxes. You can grab the whole cake as a bun and fold it like a burrito/taco to hold up all the delicious toppings inside. Then have a huge bite of this immensely delicious sweet-n-savory rice cake. Cố Đô Restuarant is your hub to enjoy this meal.

3. My Quang Soup

My Quang Soup is pronounced as ‘Mee Quang’ soup locally. It is served as a side dish whereas the dry noodles come buried under a bunch of delicious toppings. The toppings include pork shrimp, fresh cream & herbs along with crushed peanuts & fresh green onions. A small lemon slice is also kept on the side for extra tang. There wouldn’t be any other place better than Cố Đô Restuarant in Sacramento to serve this dish.

4. Tender Lamb Chops

Another incredible palette you must be savoring at this restaurant in Sacramento is Tender lamb chops. They are smoked & finely cooked to such an extent that the meat just melts in your mouth. It is served with a side house-made sauce, along with fresh green broccoli. Grilled oysters are some of the appetizers you can also try at Chason’s. They are adorably served in big shells filled with onion sauce & coated with cilantro, garlic, chili peppers & other amazing herbs. 

5. Egg Crepe Omellete, 

Haa Noi Pho is a very famous restaurant in Sacramento that is known for its exotic Vietnamese cuisine. Out of which one universal dish that you can enjoy at any time of the house is the Egg crepe Omellete. This dish is prepared with an organic egg omelet stuffed with lots of cheese & shrimp. The crunchiness of the omelet is manifested by a lot of crispy fresh beef leaves, mint leaves, etc. It is eaten by folding a slice of omelet inside the leaf coating. Make sure to take a large bite! Haa Noi Pho is also a popular weekly spot in California for delicious vegan options. The best part about Ha Noi Pho is their affinity to the century movie theatre. You can take a savory bite right after a cool movie night without any extra commute. 

6. Northern Style Pork Belly Vermicelli Combo

The amount of this dish is as huge as its name. A single serving can be easily eaten by 3 adults(or more if you eat less). It is majorly a main course dish in which fried pork & various other meats are included. First, you need to put the choice of your meat into the side sauce. Then enjoy the meal similar to a crepe omelet we discussed before!  It’s surely a Meat lover’s dish with lots of distinct varieties of meat dishes including chicken nuggets & spring rolls having delicious crab stuffing. Haa Noi Pho is the ideal food joint to enjoy this wholesome meal. 

7. Grilled Shimp Vermicelli  

Another appetizing adventure at Ha Noid Pho is the  Grilled shrimp Vermicelli. It is served with mouth-watering shrimps on a long toothpick that is super easy to eat. While you are busy adjusting your chopsticks for the thing slippery vermicelli, shrimps can pave their way for seasoning your flavors in your mouth. Seafood pan-fried noodles are another version of this dish that is much crunchier. This popular food of Sacramento comes just for 10.75 dollars. Isn’t it appetizing & easy on the pocket!

8. Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Highlighted interiors of Bober Tea cafe in Sacramento including the marbled counters & rose accent walls create an amazing serving experience. It is a well-known food joint to have some sweet desserts with your friends. Out of all the popular foods in Sacramento, try not to lose the famous Brown sugar Milk Tea of this cafe. You might love the mesmerizing view of the window-side chairs facing outside. Milk tea is as amazing as other things containing grass jelly instead of boba pearls just like a Cream Brulee.

Hope you liked our tour adventure guide for finding good food in Sacramento, California. I would appreciate new suggestions for finding a scrumptious meal in Sacramento. Feel free to write in the comment sections below. For more engaging experiences hang on to this blog. Until then Adios Amigos!

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