7 Surprisingly Free Things to Do in Chicago You Must Try 2022

Chicago is a beautiful coastal city in Illinois, USA, nestled near adorable lake Michigan. It would be lame to mention the wonderful skyline of Chicago’s urban world! As there are already tonnes of artists & travelers who took inspiration from Chicago. Such motivation mostly gathers, the top free things to do in Chicago with friends this year. But how about, spending nothing yet experiencing the top luxury tours of this city? Well, it is a wonderland with no extra charges for all the art lovers out there! Ranging from professional art gallery displays to witnessing the renowned historic architecture, there are a lot of things in Chicago for free that you must explore at least once. No more exaggerating quotes, let’s dive into this free tour of Chicago right away!

List of 7 Free Things To Do in Chicago

1. Millennium Park

One of the top attractions in Chicago that is free, for expedition yet rich in Insta-ready picture frames. The most famous highlight of this park is the shiny big bean made of steel designed by the artists Frank Gehry, which reflects the skyline of Chicago’s amazing skyscrapers in a  whole new perspective. Don’t forget the epic crown fountains designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. or the ice skating rink with incredible spots for clicking pictures. Millennium Park is counted amongst the most extraordinary public spaces in the world. Crown Fountain 

2. Harold Washington library

It is an old classic heritage of Chicago that is known amongst the people for its heritage & incredible collection. You can find all kinds of books along with other interesting options to relive the stories in various ways. One floor is fixed for the love of books whereas the top garden glistens with its winter-garden arrangement. Don’t miss out on the 8th floor which is devoted to piano practitioners. You’ll love to explore this free tour in Chicago if you are a bookworm like me!

3. Hyde Park At Center

For all the art lovers there are plenty of free things to do in Chicago that any art geek would long for! Hyde Park Art Center is the biggest hub of contemporary arts since 1939. With free entry options, most of the galleries display new styles of photography, painting, sculpture, sound, and video works at Hyde Park. There is in fact, an upcoming sculpture installation in 2022 that includes new series of large figurative paintings, big solo exhibitions, and an installation of clay sculpture.  You would surely enjoy this free tour if you hold a keen eye for art & phenomenal paintings.

4. Chicago Riverwalk

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Chicago’s major attractions are nestled near the Riverwalk. It is a 1.25-mile promenade that lets you enjoy art, hear music, and observe people in their unique cultures, all in one place. Whether you wish to relax on an Adirondack lounge chair aside the riverbank, or try out a sightseeing tour of the popular architecture via boating trips. Everything is filled with tonnes of charm & beauty in Chicago.  You can enter through any major intersection as this place is segregated into 6 coves including The Marina; The Cove; The River Theater; The Water Plaza; The Jetty; and The Riverbank. The best free thing to do in Chicago with family is exploring the sunny Water Plaza where kids can indulge in frolic water sprays right away.

5. Lakefront Trail 

Well, if you like roaming around the Riverwalk then try out another trail in Chicago. It is an 18.5-mile linear path that stretches from the far north of the city leading you towards the far south side. There are renowned cultural landmarks including the Museum of Science and Industry; the Field Museum; Shedd Aquarium; Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum; onto this path. Hence you just need good stamina & an enthusiastic personality to explore all of these under free Chicago trips.

6. National Museum of Mexican Art

The National Museum of Mexican Art is a museum that is famed for its Mexican, Latino, and Chicano art and culture. It was established in 1982 by Carlos Tortolero and Helen Valdez. No, it’s not a boring place unlike most of the nerdy things you might presume. It is a free colorful empire that you can explore once you find the best partner to go out with! Of course, you can’t explore art without a beautiful partner, right? They also accept donations for charity works. So, your choice! Otherwise visit the gift shops, for accessing epic souvenirs of all modern & classical art from Mexico & America(whereas they won’t be free!).

7. Clark House

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Clark House is one of the oldest houses standing in Chicago that has moved twice. Obviously not on its own! But by the observatory department of the government to keep its vintage value intact. This house belonged once to a very famous business person Henry B Clark who resided here with his family. But later, after his death from Cholera, the house was called ‘Widow Clarke’s House on account of his widowed wife Palmer Clarke. Usually, it is open for free visits on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You can even observe the massive bedrooms of this house in person!

Hope you liked the above-mentioned brief list of 10 free things to do in Chicago, that are amazing for expedition & fill your journeys with incredible adventure. Ranging from chill-out places aside from the beach to elite art galleries, there are a lot of exciting things in Chicago for free that you can explore with your friends or families. For more insights comment below. I would also love to hear your suggestions.

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