10 Delicious Foods Places at Chicago Midway Airport

Traveling can be a stressful endeavor, but the worst sections are waiting with an empty tummy at the airport’s waiting halls. A lot of people get fearful chills from the devastating food they had, from any airport food court! Don’t worry Chicago’s Midway airport food places have been breaking those stereotypes with its finger-licking delicious food options available for all kinds of eaters. Despite the pandemic forcing a lot of city food hubs to close, these food joints of MDW will surely enlighten your spirits with tempting food & relaxing spaces to chill out.

List of 10 Foods Places at MDW You Must Try Once

1. Arami

Feeling hungry at the airport? And do you fear buying those rotten foods from airport food joints? Well, Get up & visit the sushi wonder Arami, which is the best sushi restaurant at Midway airport of Chicago. They serve phenomenal continental options that are finger-licking. At least, someone is making good food at Midway airports Chicago. Another nearby place Ty Fujimura’s West Town also gives you a close-up view of chefs carving up fresh fish in front of the customers.

2. Big City Chicken

Chicken fans in the house? Say Yeah! Now you can enjoy good chicken at airports dude! The Lettuce Entertain You’s fried chicken shop at Navy Pier has expanded its merchandise to Midway Airport in Chicago. You can devour a crispy chicken sandwich or gulp crackling chicken strips at this incredible place for food in MDW, Chicago. The Spice fanatics are another option to try the exotic Nashville-style hot chicken.

3. DeColores 

De Colores is another fresh place to enjoy food in Midway International Airport, Chicago. It is one of the best breakfast-serving food joints that is well-known for its crispy burritos which can also be your wonderful traveling companion until you don’t make a mess out it. DeColores is also famed for the traditional taste of Pilsen with chips, fresh guacamole, burritos, tacos, and margaritas. For all the crispy food lovers De Colores is an amazing food hub to enjoy with your buddies.

4. Gene’s Bistro

For the drinking buddies who like to have a shot or chilled beer before the flights, Gene’s Bistro is an amazing place to visit. This open-roof bistro offers a full bar experience along with a wide range of menus that features delicious bite-sized burgers, barbecue pork sliders, shrimp po’boy, nachos, potstickers, and salads to tag along with your beverages. Gene’s Bistro is a casual spot to hang out all alone. After all, a pint of chilled beer deserves to be enjoyed alone.

5. Hubbard Inn

Those who want to try out something new or the classic European meals can try out the Hubbard Inn. It is a River North restaurant and club that has been serving European-inspired plates and amazing people with its old-world decor at the Midway airport. With no loud music, you can enjoy your burgers, sandwiches, and salads in complete peace at this food joint of Midway Airport, Chicago.

6. Vienna Beef

As, the name suggests it is a cool place to enjoy food in MDW Chicago that involves smoked, juicy beef collections. They are Chicago’s venerable sausage and roasted beef offering restaurant at the airport. Hence don’t depart this city unless you try out their most celebrated food options: The Chicago-style hot dog and the Italian beef sandwich. Vienna Beef is also a good option for your family to relax & have a genuine set of meals at MDW airport. 

7. Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizza

Sometimes hunger demands specifically a good oven pizza. For such days at the airport of Chicago try out Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizza’s tavern-style pizza. It can surely satiate your hunger along with leaving a memorable taste of suburban pizzeria inside your consciousness. They have a variety of pizza options ranging from the classic margarita to unique custom topping pizza. Choose your own favorite & spend a nice time at the waiting hall before you hear your flight on announcements. 

8. Home Run Inn Pizza

Well, the discussion is about pizza so don’t miss the popular pizza chain of Chicago that has relocated to Concourse B in Midway Airport Chicago. Nowadays, people might recognize this from the frozen pies food hub. But Home Run Inn is also a South Side staple, that offers delicious varieties of pizzas at Midway. 

9. Billy Goat Tavern

Billy is a famed burger food joint, nestled in the North Side lore, of Midway. You can kill some time while munching over the famous no-frills “Cheezborger” along with a chilled pint of beer. It is situated at the Concourse A Food Hall of the airport. You might enjoy the Billy Goat if you love munching over big burgers & large glasses of cold beverages.

10. Quick Snacks at Midway

How can a pre-flight food be complete without a mouth-full of snacks? First & foremost Dunkin’ Express for a selection of donuts, muffins, and caffeinated beverages. You can grab these delicious delights at Concourse B of the midway airport- B14, B19. Whereas, try out the Einstein Bros. Bagels: They have been known to make the hangry travelers happy with their wide selection of coffee, salads, soups, sandwiches, and, of course, bagels!

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Enjoy your time at the airport through this selection of good foods at Midway Airport Chicago. I have tried my best to cover all kinds of food options or personalities that reside at the airport. Whether you are a devouring food connoisseur who likes having classic meals at the airport joints or a junky eater who just gulps anything that tastes fine! You can get everything at the food joints of Midway Airport of Chicago. For more suggestions, you can visit my comment sections below. I would love to hear from y ’all! Till then keep your spirits high for the airport food cause this time it won’t be a disaster I swear!

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